Doesn't matter the genre, Mitch is a fan of all kinds of music - as long as it's good - though in his heart Rock is always first and foremost. 


Check out music and videos below that show the many way he's been involved in the music scene as a singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, performer, and/or producer/arranger.

howitfeelsMitch DiStefano
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How It Feels

Written by Mitch. Recorded by The Trenches: Mitch, Nate, and Vic at New Warsaw Studios, Williamsburg. Produced by Riley McMahon. 

igottagetoutMitch DiStefano
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I Gotta Get Out

Written by me. Recorded by The Trenches: Mitch, Nate, and Vic at New Warsaw Studios, Williamsburg. Produced by Riley McMahon. 

This song was inspired by dark days and the need to get out of my head. 

When U Were Mine

When Mitch played guitar with Marianna Pillsbury band, she wanted to cover a Prince song. After much deliberation they decided on When U Were Mine. Mitch didn't want it to sound like Prince's version so he rearranged it with a more guitar driven Pop punk vibe and here's the result! 

High: Perforated Head

Millenium Music Fest, Harrisburg, PA

Back in the days when Mitch was a blond, he was guitarist for popular NYC alt pop/punk band Perforated Head.

Let's Get Physical: David Barton Band

When the David Barton Band played the opening of Barton's South Beach gym, he wanted his band to feature his son Bailey, who Mitch had been teaching for years. Mitch had 2 weeks to work with the band, rearrange music, and pull together a kick ass performance beyond Tommy Lee DJing and go go girls dancing. That's how Let's Get Physical got punk. 


The Return: Mystikal

Battery Studios, NYC

Mitch got a call one day asking if he was free for a bass session. Turned out the recording artist was rapper Mystikal. When Mitch first heard the song he felt it needed a Motown vibe, went with his instinct, and everyone was thrilled with the end result. Two weeks later Mitch checked it out at the listening station at the Virgin Megastore. It was an amazing moment.  

Azzam the Nature Night Theme

Mitch's friend, actor/singer/songwriter/producer Alex Hopkins needed  big distorted 80s style rock guitar for a project: a theme song for a cartoon about Azzam, an Arabian superhero. Mitch worked his magic, they had a blast, and you can listen to their

collaboration here.